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How To Choose An Audience For Targeted Advertising

Targeted advertising involves the most precise adjustment to the target audience in order to get as many conversions as possible for the lowest possible cost. Therefore, the right choice of audience is one of the key components of the success of your advertising campaign.

So that you can choose the right audience for your business, we will tell you what audiences are and how to work with them. Read the article to the end and choose the most effective audience for your ads.

Audience by interests and behavior

This is the basic audience with which it is worth starting to work with a company that has not yet had experience in advertising. At this stage, the company has no understanding of the target audience, no established connections and collected data.

Therefore, such an audience is great for collecting as much data as possible and working out the behavioral factor of the audience in order to use the obtained data to improve the effectiveness of your advertising.

Also, an audience based on the interests and behavior of users can be useful for scaling advertising campaigns. This will be useful when you already have established audiences and connections, but need to reach more audiences. Sometimes there are non-obvious bundles of audiences that work more efficiently than those that already bring you results.

Local Audience

A local audience is suitable for a business that depends on the traffic of the place . Such businesses include bakeries, hairdressers, computer clubs, children's clubs, etc.

The essence of such an audience is that people in it often visit or live near your local business. Accordingly, when there are a lot of offers like yours on the market and they are all about the same, a person will choose the company that is closest to him.

Community Subscribers and App Users

With good knowledge, you can pick up subscribers of various communities and those who use private applications for authorization on the site.

Such an audience is useful if it is beneficial for you to show ads to your own subscribers or the audience of your competitors.

As a rule, the active audience of competitors is the warmest audience for your business. You can show ads to subscribers of competitive communities, but that's not all. With good skills and a strong desire, you can find an application inside social networks through which people log in to sites. This happens when you enter the site and when registering or logging in, you have the opportunity to log in through one of the social networks presented there. This way you will get into the active audience of your competitors and having an advantage in the offer, you can make the audience of your competitors yours.

Audience from the list of clients

If you have been doing business for a long time and doing it right, then you should have lists of your clients, where their full name, phone number and / or email are indicated.

You can upload this list to your advertising account and show ads to the audience you have collected.

If you have never built an audience, then you can buy an audience from other organizations.

Retargeting Audience

This audience is collected from data about your users who interacted with the site, social network community or application.

In order to collect this audience, you need to connect a special counter from social networks to your website or application. network that will collect data from your users.

Retargeting uses users who interacted with your company according to the following criteria:

  • Interacted with your social network
  • Sending you messages
  • Liked or saved posts
  • Site visited
  • Visited certain pages
  • Added items to cart
  • Bought goods
  • Downloaded your application

and much more.

Here we have indicated only the most used criteria. In fact, there are many more of them and you can choose a custom audience based on the actions of the audience that are important to you.

Similar Audience

This audience is created using machine algorithms. In order to create such an audience, you need to have one of the custom audiences in your ad account, select it and start the selection process. When the selection is completed, you will have an audience collected by the social network algorithm, which, in terms of its behavior and interests, is as close as possible to your user audience.

Now you know what audiences are used in targeted advertising. Choose the one that will be most effective for you and set up first-class advertising campaigns!

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