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How SEO Has Changed In The New Reality: Expert Opinion

We track changes in SEO, monitor the effectiveness of tools and adjust the work.

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How the new reality affects the work of SEO specialists

Alexander Shestakov

Head of Linked Products at Links.Sape

The market is changing rapidly, and this is noticeable in the distribution of marketing budgets. For example, if earlier - according to our hypothesis - about 20% of budgets on average went to advertising on Google, today this budget has been completely freed up (for obvious reasons). Approximately the same picture happened with 30% of the budgets allocated for SMM and media advertising.

In general, about 40% of the budgets have been cut and are being held to be further applied where the company owners deem it appropriate. The number of advertising channels has been significantly reduced, which means that the ability of companies to attract traffic has also decreased. The remaining social networks on the market work according to the auction model, and overheating is observed there, the cost of a lead has increased significantly. This leads to the fact that the payback of leads falls.

Websites have to be promoted in new conditions, often without the ability to use familiar services.

Effective website promotion in the current conditions

Artur Latypov

Head of RA SEO Intellect and F1 studios

Many of the advertising opportunities that companies used in the past are not available today, and SEO remains a reliable and effective channel for attracting heated traffic.

SEO is built on the gradual achievement of the result, which is getting positions in the search results for different queries. Increasing traffic and getting new leads are already the consequences of this result. SEO is now taking an iterative approach. If earlier all the work could be done in turn, now there is no time to wait. Some of the work is still done in stages, but some is done iteratively, since standard mechanics do not always lead to improvement and hypotheses need to be tested faster.

To achieve a result, you need to work in various areas, and the effectiveness of promotion is complex and depends on the overall success of all ongoing work. At the same time, any part of the work must either be effective by definition, or the optimizer must be able to measure its effectiveness. We strongly recommend that everyone familiarize themselves with the metrics in order to understand exactly how to evaluate the effectiveness of optimization work.

SEO Tools You Can Safely Use Today

Alexander Shestakov

Head of Linked Products at Links.Sape

In the current situation, there is a serious risk of losing access to the main toolkit and all the developments made with it.

Some marketing services that were actively used in SEO have become inaccessible to Russian SEOs today. So, Ahrefs, Serpstat, Links-stream, Collaborator, Prnews, Prflare, Prposting, Snov.io stopped working. Even if the services are working, their functionality may be limited for Russian companies.

There are instruments that are in danger of rapidly curtailing their services in relation to Russian business. This category includes Asana, Jira+Trello, PipeDrive, Notion, SendPulse, Figma, Google. Users of these services are advised to make backups and consider some ways to replace them. The problem is that this requires restructuring processes in companies. Not all services have an alternative, for example, Atlassian products simply do not have an adequate analogue.

Sape, Semrush, Keys.so, MegaIndex, Advego, Yandex, Glvrd, Text.ru services belong to the safe category of products, which you can count on for reliable operation.

Search Engine Optimization Tips and Hacks

Artur Latypov

Head of RA SEO Intellect and F1 studios

One of the common problems is that the promotion of landing pages is hampered by the fact that there are many clusters of keywords, and it is impossible to promote them all on one page. Each cluster requires a separate page for effective promotion. After page optimization, behavioral factors are measured. The optimization success rate is higher if we hit what the user wants.

To increase these chances, you need constant analytics of competitors - an audit of the content of their sites. From an SEO point of view, what is found in most competitors is mandatory for implementation. What 50% have is desirable for implementation.

In any case, you should be aware that any implementations will be long, but they are very useful and necessary. In SEO, you have to wait an average of 4 months or more for results. It is an investment in the future that takes time.

In some cases advancement in advance can be doomed to failure. For example, if you plan to promote a store website, and all its competitors are aggregators. But in some cases, on the contrary, you can count on success, even if there is no budget for this. So, if a company's service or product is in demand, then it should definitely try promotion through aggregators - with a high probability it will be possible to increase traffic.

The Russian SEO market has really changed rapidly in a very short time and will probably continue to change just as quickly. However, this only led to an increase in the efficiency of optimization and increased its potential.

The main thing is to choose the right reliable tools and be prepared for the fact that it will take time and effort to achieve results.

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