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How does Google's algorithm work?

Google's algorithms are designed to help people find the most relevant information on the web as quickly and easily as possible. The algorithms are constantly updated to ensure that the results returned are of the highest quality possible. In addition, Google's algorithms are also designed to take into account the user's search history and preferences in order to return the results most likely to interest them. Google's algorithms are also designed to rank websites based on many factors like site authority, trustworthiness, content quality, keyword placement, and other factors that matter in SEO . .

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How does Google analyze words?

Google search algorithms analyze the words on a web page to determine the page's relevance to a user's query . To do this, the algorithm looks at a variety of factors, including how many times a word appears on a page, where it appears on the page, and how close the word is to the start or end of the page. . The Google engine has launched the BERT algorithm which can provide more accurate results by using machine learning to understand the meaning of content.

What are the main ranking criteria for Google's algorithms?
Google places websites in the results according to certain criteria , here is to summarize the main points:

  • The content : the quality of the text, the positioning of the keywords.
  • The popularity of social networks, shares and comments on Facebook, Linkedin.
  • Backlinks or netlinking : Google 's algorithm takes into account the incoming link or links. It assigns a score based on the quantity, but also the quality of the domain that points to your site.
  • The technical requirements of the website, such as: loading times, URLs, HN tags, mobile navigation, crawl of Google robots.
  • User behavior : time spent on the page, bounce rate, etc.

What are the major Google algorithm updates?

Google's algorithm is constantly evolving as the search engine giant strives to provide the best possible user experience. Here are some of the major updates that have taken place in recent years that have impacted SEO:

  • Panda : This update was designed to penalize websites that were spammy or low quality. Panda focuses on providing high quality content to users.
  • Penguin : This update was intended to penalize websites that used spammy link building SEO tactics. Penguin aims to promote natural link building practices.
  • Opposum : This update was designed to penalize websites with low-quality content. Opposum looks for pages that have a low level of originality and/or offer no value.
  • Hummingbird : This update was intended to provide better results for long and complex queries. Hummingbird prioritizes content quality and relevance over keyword density.
  • RankBrain : This update uses artificial intelligence to help rank in search engine results (SERPs). RankBrain focuses on user intent and the topics they search for.
  • Fred : This update targets content farms, sites with low quality pages, and other spammy web pages.
  • Medic : This update aims to remove spammy and inaccurate medical information.

Why is indexing on search engines important?

Indexing is the process by which your website or article is considered by Google . If you want to be found online, it's important that indexing is done for any site worth its salt!

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