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Here's Why Selling Your Products On Instagram is So Popular

Do you know the distribution and communication channel that can be the most useful to boost your online sales ?

Of course, we are talking here about social networks which have established themselves in the field of e-commerce as one of the leaders in the acquisition of traffic and orders.


Because of its practical side, social networks have settled, no longer as a fashion phenomenon in order to make themselves known, but as evidence of the new mode of consumption.

According to the Fevad study ( Federation of e-commerce and distance selling), mobile sales increased by 13% in 2021, but how could this development have been so important?

Several studies have proven that social networks have taken part in the daily life of all French people. According to these studies by Eurostat, the GWI, the US census bureau, more than 80% of the French population has at least one social network, which represents approximately 53 million people.

Among these social networks, the favorites obviously remain the giants Facebook and Messenger , WhatsApp and Instagram . These applications have largely evolved and today allow us to be able to buy products online. You may not have known it, but according to YouGov ( an international Internet-based market research and polling company), 31% of French people have already purchased a product via a social network, and this percentage climbs to 38 % for 18 - 34 year olds.

But then, why Instagram is the most suitable application to set up your store on social networks?

Instagram is one of the main social networks used to set up an online store and allow professionals to present their product lines. The application was created in 2010 and quickly established itself in the network market until it became a must-have for everyone. According to the GlobalWebIndex, in 2021, 54% of users aged 16-64 used the Instagram platform monthly. This is explained by the side easy to use and accessible to the greatest number. It is also a good way to share with the world its preferences, its products through artistic or simple photo or video posts that will make users want to discover more.

Two advantages of selling on Instagram :

  • One advantage is the story feature . Indeed, in addition to photo or video publications, it is possible to make stories whose principle is to post small animated photos or videos that last about 10 seconds and can only be seen for 24 hours. In these small clips, you can insert swipe up links that redirect to the page of the merchant site of the product presented. According to a survey by Hubspot and mention, 67% of users surveyed have already swiped a link in a story in order to be redirected to the merchant site.
  • But also the possibility of managing and planning your publications thanks to a paid application, which allows you to plan your posts, consult the best times in order to publish according to the analysis of the traffic on the page and the products.

In order to continue the development of these sales, the application has sought new solutions to put. They then opted to create a shopping section in their application.


Instagram shopping is the great novelty created at the start of the 2018 school year, eight years after the creation of the Instagram application. This feature allows you to directly promote your products or services through photos or videos. Thus, it is possible to create attractive and attractive content for consumers in order to embark them in the universe of your company. But what forms can your content take to be most effective?

3 ways to promote your products on Instagram:

  • Set up your online store by including descriptive sheets in order to have as much information as on a traditional merchant site, the price, the link allowing you to redirect to your website.
  • Post photos (story or publication) with links to the products so that consumers are directly redirected to the product page, they then arrive on the merchant site with a single click and this can create new traffic to your site.
  • Finally, to promote your products, we can also call on influencers with whom you can collaborate. Subsequently, they can talk about your products, post photos with links to your site and this allows you better visibility.

Your business will then certainly take a boost. Social networks are now a showcase for your shop, they can potentially allow you to win over new buyers , and in particular 18-34 year olds who are the main consumers of purchases on networks and the internet.

This category can be influenced in its purchases according to what it sees on this network, the Instagram shopping store is a good way to create a close link with users who can become your potential customers

On Instagram, it is important to create and develop your brand image , as you wish while remaining within its guidelines, without pretense. On the format, you are free to work on your photos as you wish, what is important is to be original by standing out .

But did you know that it is also possible to boost your publications on Instagram shopping?

SEO is present on Instagram and it goes through the use of hashtags under publications. These should not be overlooked as they can give you better visibility . Hashtags are considered your keywords to define your products and the message you want to convey.


If you have a Shopify site, you have the option to associate your Instagram store with your Shopify site. Indeed, this allows thanks to the link inserted on the Instagram page to redirect them to the merchant site. The integration of Instagram with Shopify therefore makes it possible to make a gateway link and facilitates everything related to the management of sales, payment, CRM ...

Before connecting your Instagram store to Shopify, you will have to create the latter.

Three steps to follow:

  • Respect the criteria to activate the functionality, i.e. sell physical goods, respect Instagram rules, have a professional account, have an Instagram account linked to a Facebook page
  • Connect a catalog of all your products for sale
  • Register and configure your Instagram shopping space Once the Instagram store has been created, all that remains is to configure it on Shopify by combining the two. It is then next to your sales channels that you will find a little extra to add your Instagram channel. After this manipulation, you can now present your entire catalog of your merchant site on Instagram.

The many features of Instagram are therefore easy to use and accessible in order to develop your e-commerce branch. It can allow you to install yourself on social networks and thus expand your audience . Many brands have already taken the plunge in order to develop. So why not you ? Let yourself be tempted by the Instagram shopping feature to expand your store to social networks

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