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Franchise Marketing: Create An Effective Strategy This Way

Having a franchise does not mean that carrying out digital marketing planning is unnecessary.

In fact, companies that use the franchise model have a central objective in mind: selling, prospecting and creating new stores, that is: business growth.

Therefore, franchise marketing is essential.

With that in mind, we have prepared a complete article here, with tips and definitions for you to create a strategy for your company.

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How Franchise Marketing Works

The main point that differentiates marketing for franchises from others is: following the rules pre-determined by the franchisor .

That is, some points such as language, branding, communication and other rules will already be determined, and it is from them that the franchise must make its planning.

When it comes to approval, some areas may be stricter than others, but all parts and campaigns are normally scheduled for the entire year and any change or adaptation by the franchise must be re-evaluated by the franchisor.

The Importance of the Marketing Plan in Franchises

The marketing plan is essential for all areas of the market, not differing for franchises.

Through it, there is the unification of the brand's voice and the standardization of communication processes.

To better understand this importance, here are three essential points for your understanding, check it out!

Alignment with Network Standards

From the marketing plan, you can standardize the objectives of all units .

That way, the work will be done in greater sync , resulting in better deliveries.

Facilitates the Expansion Process

With a well-structured marketing plan, your strategy will perform very well , making your company a target of interest and with more and more people interested in opening new units.

Franchisees Thank You

There's nothing better for local marketing than having a bigger plan to guide you.

With the marketing plan, you will be able to guide and facilitate the work of your franchises , as there will always be a basis for them to inform themselves.

What is the Structure of the Marketing Area for Franchises?

In franchising marketing we can mention two types of structures, they are:

  • Institutional Marketing – it involves the brand, and it is the franchisor that applies it with advertising fund resources.
  • Local Marketing – aimed at actions that stimulate sales and attract customers, the costs are the franchisee's own responsibility.

How to Create a Marketing Strategy for Franchises?

After exploring a little more what Franchise Marketing is and its importance, it's finally time to talk about strategies!

Below are seven topics for you to create your marketing strategy.

Follow the text to learn more.

1. Create an Executive Summary

By creating a simple executive summary, you end up drawing even more attention from your audience, as only the main topics will appear in it .

You can put future goals, strategies that are working and even successful cases.

It should be short and to the point, while piqued the reader's interest.

2. Identify your Target Market

Know what your persona is, what type of market you are in and how customers behave in it.

That way, your strategy will be much more focused on achieving your goal, as your actions will be based on your market research , as well as your target audience and competitors.

3. Develop Insights into the Reason that will Drive Customers to the Unit

Why should customers go to your facility and not another?

Make your franchise stand out, promote campaigns or even create a new way to call your customers, give them a reason to come to you.

4. Identify the Marketing Channels that will be Worked

There are several platforms that you can use for the digital marketing of your franchise, but it is essential that you define the one that best fits the specifications of your unit .

Think about the channels that make the most sense for your audience and that will bring more return to your business.

5. Identify Your Main Competitors

By understanding more about your market, information about your competitors will emerge, as soon as you can identify the main ones , follow them .

In this way, you will be able to learn and even overcome them in some strategies, for example.

6. Set of Marketing Actions to be Implemented

Establish which marketing actions should be put into practice in your franchise, make it clear to all employees and collaborators .

With everyone aligned and focused on the necessary actions, your plan will be executed much easier.

7. Code of Conduct, Roles and Responsibilities in Marketing Actions

It is important to base all your marketing actions on the Code of Ethics and Conduct , as it explains everything that a professional in the area can or cannot do.

Bearing this in mind, your planning will not violate any brand rules and, consequently, will not harm your business.

Strategic Marketing Actions for Franchises

In addition to knowing how to create a strategy for the Marketing of your franchise, it is important that you keep in mind some actions that may be essential for your business to succeed.

Let's go to them!

  • Create a strategic marketing plan
  • Invest in Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing
  • Be present on Social Networks
  • Have franchisee support actions

Channels to Include in Your Franchise Marketing Manual

In the topic of how to create a marketing strategy for franchises, we talked a little about the importance of choosing marketing channels that make sense for your business.

Now, we are going to mention four channels that are essential for your unit, follow the text to learn more!

Social networks

The social network is the main means of communication with your customer , it is where they are most active.

Therefore, it is important that you are engaged in this channel, support customers, clear up their doubts, talk to them, in this way, in addition to being able to understand them better, you will gain their trust.

E-mail marketing

If you're looking for a way to get personalized ads to your customers, email marketing is the answer.

With it, you can create a unique strategy for each persona and in return they will offer some essential information for future contact, that is, it is a two-way street.

Local SEO for the Franchise Network

With SEO strategies you will make your franchise found locally .

Optimize your website, blog and content to appear right away when someone searches for a topic related to your business.

Also make sure to keep your profiles up to date on platforms like Google My Business.

Monitoring of Results

To know your next actions, you need to know how your results are going.

For this, you need to establish which metrics will follow and set up a presentation or dashboard , for example.

That way your monitoring will be much easier.

We have reached the end of another strategic content!

Now you have all the information to create an effective marketing strategy for your franchise from scratch.

For more content like this, keep following the Leadster blog!

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