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Create NFT Collection

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How to create the perfect NFT collection from scratch.

Welcome to the world of digital art. If you want to create the best collection of NFTs, or at least an attractive collection for buyers, these are the essential points to follow.

Here you will learn:

  • The programs and wallets needed to create NFTs.
  • How to create an entire collection completely FREE.
  • The promotion and dissemination in the appropriate channels without spending a penny.

What is an NFT?

We start with the most basic. An NFT is the registration of a gif, video, or image, through a public, decentralized smart contract and backed by a blockchain encryption system. This technology creates the perfect Certificate of Authenticity, as NFTs smart contracts can be transferred via digital currency quickly and securely using tamper-proof public records.

In simple terms, an NFT is a piece of digital art tied to its own Certificate of Authenticity that can be exchanged through cryptocurrencies.

How to create an NFT from scratch?

This part is more technical, although it is actually simple. The level of difficulty is the same as opening an email account or a user on social networks.

Download a digital SAFE where you can buy, sell and store cryptocurrencies. Using this COINBASE link they give you free BITCOIN when you make your first deposit.

Download a wallet (WALLET) to sign smart contracts or transactions. Remember that to create each NFT you need to sign on the blockchain, so each NFT in the collection will have its own unique certificate. Don't worry, transactions are FREE.

The best known wallets are COINBASE WALLET or METAMASK .

The most famous NFT trading market is OPENSEA . Open an account and link the WALLET, this process is also very simple.

How to create an NFT collection

Here comes the fun. Once you have all the tools, you must enter OpenSea and open the CREATE COLLECTION menu and fill in all the necessary fields.


To create a COMPLETELY free collection select the POLYGON coin. Since Ethereum charges commissions for Gas Fee.

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Every time you upload a new NFT make sure it is saved in your collection field and with the correct cryptocurrency.

NFT Collection Features

A collection that stands out from the rest must have several characteristics.


Uploading a bunch of random drawings won't cut it. You must tell a story, deal with a theme or characteristics within the collection. (A group of punks, some smart kittens or some women doing things).

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Try to create something original that distinguishes you from others. No more monkeys please...


The buyer, collector or enthusiast should be aware of the potential advantages of acquiring an NFT from your collection.

How to promote your NFTs

One of the hottest topics is how to promote my NFTs once they are created. If you are just starting out and you do not have a solid community or you are not a recognized artist, the simplest and most effective is:

Twitter: Opensea allows you to link your Twitter account to your collection. You can also post Tweets from your collection easily. This will make your NFT collection known faster to grow your community.

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