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Content Marketing: What Content To Create In Social Media?

The number of people using social networks today is immense: 2.449 million active users on Facebook, 1 billion on Instagram and 292 million on Twitter. To capture their attention, it is essential to have a Content Marketing strategy for Social Media .

As there is more and more information on the Internet, companies must constantly monitor global consumer trends and the actions they carry out in order to lead the market.

Content Marketing «Content Marketing» is constantly evolving and the way in which readers are informed as well. For content creators, it's critical to know not only the type of material readers want, but also what format they prefer.

There are some pieces of content that are more likely to hold the close attention of users: posts with very long texts tend to be read superficially; videos, images, infographics and animations generate much more interest.

Find out below what kind of content you can create on Social Media to improve your business.

Can we do Content Marketing in Social Media?

The answer is yes; but there is a very important detail: there is no single rule of Content Marketing for Social Media.

Well-used social networks provide a large number of benefits. They generate participation and increase the chances that thousands of people know about your brand, even if they have never heard of it.

In addition, they are an excellent way to increase the number of organic visits to your website and, consequently, increase the number of leads. By adding a good lead nurturing strategy , you can convert them into customers and —why not— into promoters of your brand.

Social networks are the perfect channel to build quality relationships with your target audience, segment your audience and increase the visibility of all your campaigns and promotions.

Networks provide a large amount of valuable information that allows you to deeply understand the needs of users in order to offer them the best solutions.

Each platform has its peculiarities, but they all serve to connect and show users that they are heard. In this way, a connection with them is created that goes beyond the products and services themselves.

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Social networks are the perfect way to increase the reach of your communications, reach your buyer persona , interact with your community and improve the results of your marketing strategy. Today we present 6 simple steps to launch a Social Media plan.

For content creators, it's critical to know not only the type of material readers want, but also what format they prefer.

How to do Content Marketing in Social Media?

Before getting into the content issues, we will review the basic steps to develop a Social Media content strategy.

Define SMART objectives and KPIs

Depending on the objectives of your business, you can develop a marketing plan that fits the goals you want to achieve from working on social networks.

These are some examples:

  • Make your brand known in the digital world.
  • Improve digital reputation.
  • Manage fast and efficient customer service.
  • Increase the database thanks to the capture of leads.
  • Increase interactions on social networks.

Remember that the important thing is that the objectives are SMART «Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Temporary». Following this premise, your goal could be “increase visits to my website from social networks by 30%”.

Once the objectives are defined, you have to consider what the key performance indicators in social networks ( KPI ) will be. These KPIs will help you measure your achievements and control your actions week by week, month by month or annually.

Choose no more than 3 KPIs to measure each specific goal and set a time frame to meet them.

Create your Buyer Persona

If you have not yet created your Buyer Persona, social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will serve as a tool to find out information about users who interact with your brand or who correspond to your target audience.

In the networks it is possible to find all kinds of users: it is essential to correctly segment your audience and define how you are going to address it.

Creating a buyer person is an essential step to get to know your audience in depth. This semi-fictional profile is the one that represents the prototype of the ideal client. To do it correctly, you will have to investigate the behaviors, consumption habits, interests and all kinds of information you can about your potential and current customers.

Facebook offers very good research tools, such as Audience Insights, which will allow you to get closer not only to the data of your audience, but also to that of the users of the platform in general.

Define which social networks you will use

During the research on your buyer person, you will also discover in which platforms it is more present. Using the correct channels, you will be able to invest your resources wisely to achieve more efficiency and better results.

You have to define the content strategy taking into account the particularities of each social network: do not publish the same material in all of them without first adapting it. To start creating your strategy, develop a social media content plan that has a specific duration.

The following issues must be considered in this plan:

  • Weekly frequency of publications to be made on each social network.
  • Type of content: external or internal, informative and illustrative, with its own blog or news channel, to show products and services, create interest in a topic with which the company identifies, etc.
  • Language and formats that you will use on each platform.

Once all the points have been established, you can start your content plan on social networks. Remember that for each objective you must track the KPIs that you defined at the beginning.

Analysis of the results

If you don't check the effectiveness and performance of marketing actions, performance and investment are a waste of time. Measure the progress of your strategy periodically to be able to critically analyze the success of the work carried out. You can do it weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.

What types of content are most efficient for each objective? How are you progressing towards the goals set at the beginning? What actions can you do to improve? These are some questions you should ask yourself to continue improving your Content Marketing strategy on social networks.

Creating a buyer person is an essential step to get to know your audience in depth. This semi-fictional profile is the one that represents the prototype of the ideal client.

Good Content Marketing Practices for Social Media

Here are some important practices to keep in mind for your social media posts.

keep messages simple

Each post should have a clear goal and be about a specific topic. Don't make big posts with too much information because this way it will be more difficult to engage with your audience.

Post downloads should be clear and concise . You can then guide the user to a more detailed article on your website.

Generate content that invites sharing

One of the premises of Content Marketing is to generate articles that are useful and relevant to your target audience. Never lose the axis at that point, since it is the one that will allow your brand to have a great reach.

Tells a story

A large part of users' purchasing decisions is based more on emotional behaviors than on the characteristics of the product they are going to acquire or on the benefits that it can provide them.

The Nike brand is a great example of this phenomenon. For years, it has been the generator of stories of improvement that have managed to forge empathy and a very high brand recognition throughout the world.

Express a sense of urgency

A sense of urgency is a great way to drive conversions. Include in your messages an invitation to action and define a time limit to enjoy more options, offers or privileges.

Types of Successful Social Media Posts

One of the usual problems that community managers face is the doubt about what to post and when to do it; especially if the brand is not clear about its objectives and content has to be created from scratch.

With the right material, it is possible to generate deep empathy with followers through social networks and foster a community. Over time, these people can become customers and promoters of the brand.

Below, you will find some content options that you can include in your social networks according to your buyer persona and according to the objectives of your company.

Informative content

It is the content that has all the necessary information to know a brand, a product or a service. You can talk about the place where it is available, the hours of operation, the prices or the means of payment. Any data that describes the characteristics of what is offered is useful for this type of material.

It is important to remember that even if it is simple information, it should not be presented in a poor or limited way.

Product content

This kind of content has to provide basic and useful information about the use of the product or service. You can create tutorials that explain to the audience how to get the most out of it.

Audiovisual content

Video is —and will continue to be— essential for Content Marketing: 80% of web traffic is based on this format. Today, videos on Facebook are consumed by millions of people. You might consider creating a specific, integrated social media video strategy.

Questions and hashtags

Use hashtags in the text content of your post because doing so encourages engagement and interaction with it. You can ask interesting questions, with common sense, to find out what your followers think. Never underestimate your audience.

Publish infographics

Infographics are welcome on social media. They are often eye-catching and informative, and generate great audience engagement through reactions and comments.

Expert tips

Another great idea for Social Media is to share advice and tips about your sector or your business. If you have content made as an expert, you will position yourself as a reference and, at the same time, you will be adding value to your audience to encourage more visits to your profile.

Something that works very well on both Facebook and Instagram are consultation sessions with an expert in the area, on a stipulated day and time.

Use customer testimonials

Another way to build trust is to share testimonials from satisfied consumers. In this way, potential customers will be able to see what other users have said before making the decision to buy. Testimony may be professionally written or recorded.

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Create contests and giveaways

Thematic contests and raffles are excellent marketing actions. You can take advantage of ephemeris or famous dates to design them. Use your own products or services as a prize. Giveaways are ideal for generating engagement, expanding outreach, and increasing the prospect lists in your database.

Make your business known and show your work team

Instagram is an excellent social network for branding. On this platform, in addition to sharing your products, you can count and show who are the team members who work every day to run your company.

Share photos of collaborators, employees and people related to your company. You can also broadcast both virtual and face-to-face events.

One of the premises of Content Marketing is to generate articles that are useful and relevant to your target audience.


Social networks are the ideal channel to create quality relationships with your target audience. They allow you to segment your audience and increase the visibility of your campaigns and promotions.

In addition, they can provide you with relevant information to know what the true needs of your users are and improve your offers based on them. The content marketing of social networks in a company has to be framed in a comprehensive marketing strategy. This will allow you to correctly direct your investments.

It is essential to plan the content for Social Media before making your first publications, since you will be more efficient in the long term. If you put into practice everything developed in this article, you will achieve a consistent strategy capable of meeting all the objectives you set for yourself.

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