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Authority Affiliate: What It Is And How To Become in 2022

Initially, there are two main types of affiliates: the referee affiliate and the authority affiliate.

The referee affiliate will invest in paid strategies to drive people to buy a product (ads and campaigns).

The authority affiliate builds audience to promote the products and that is the topic of our content today.

You will learn in this article what it takes to gain authority in the market.

In addition, I will show you the best channels to build audience through the production of relevant content.

So were you excited? At the very least curious to know about becoming an authority affiliate?

What is an Authority Affiliate?

As I mentioned above, affiliate authority is focused on building an audience. This audience is built through relevant content, organic traffic and SEO strategies.

Basically, the authority affiliate generates a good volume of traffic and creates a relationship with the public through a website, blog, Youtube channel or on social networks, building a firm and solid base of leads, always nurturing them to be able to direct them to a possible sale .

Here's what you need to be authoritative. Check out:

What Do I Need to Have Authority?

The authority affiliate is always looking to increase his audience through a blog, website or social network in order to build a solid base of leads and finalize a sale.

One advantage of being an authority affiliate is that it is possible to sell for less, as the audience trusts your referrals.

But for that to happen, it will be necessary to build an audience that will consider your opinion to be valuable.

This means that it will be possible to have excellent results on the internet in the medium and long term.

For this, the first step to be followed is to define a specific niche .

TIP: Choose an area that you identify with.

It is important to emphasize that you must create relevant and good quality content.

What will differentiate your content from the competition is the way you talk to your audience, so you should identify with the niche you choose to work in.

TIP: Get to know the audience of the niche you have chosen.

How to build an audience and produce content through the best channels

After defining your niche, you will need to define the channels to build your authority and audience.

To become an authority in the market you must focus on content production.

Use strategies such as building a youtube channel or creating a blog. You can also use social media to ensure authority.

“But what benefits can these strategies provide me?”

See below

  • YouTube
  • blog
  • Social networks


Youtube is one of the most accessed sites in the world, it has thousands of contents that are watched every day.

With each passing day, people are looking for something new or on a specific subject on Youtube, making the channel very important for building authority.

Through the video content, the public can identify with the topic addressed.

Therefore, when creating videos, pay attention to the quality of the image and audio and be charismatic.

You can make the videos in the way and format that is convenient for you and that is well received by your persona, if you are shy you can record a screencast, with your voice in the background, if you are resourceful and not ashamed to speak, you can make videos with interviews or classes, for example.

A good tactic to sell well is to structure the content around the topic covered by the product.

Another good technique is at the end of each video to invite those who are watching to learn more about your offer and make the purchase.

Remember to keep your video structure at 80% content and 20% sales.

TIP: You can make product review videos as well as tutorial videos.

Youtube is a platform that people enter to learn something or search for something specific, so use that to your advantage.

  • Teach something related to your target audience's pain, help them evolve.
  • Make an offer at the end. It could be a lead magnet or sales offer.


Blogging is another important channel for building authority. From the posts made on the blog, you generate value for your audience, showing that you have the knowledge to talk about your niche, consequently, also about the products you are affiliated with.

Through the blog you generate traffic to your capture pages or sales pages, social networks and also to the products you indicate.

TIP: Always keep your blog active and establish frequency in posts.

Social networks

Through social networks you can maintain a direct relationship with your audience. On social media you build most of your image as an authority.

To know which social networks you should invest in, you should study your audience by identifying the media you will use as a strategy for your niche.

TIP: Respond to comments and deliver content frequently. Make a posting calendar, to maintain post frequencies.

Remember if! → Authority is built from content that adds value to those who are following you

Here are some tips that will help you build authority.

Tips for building authority

The first step is to choose the channels in which you will be present, after defining the channels it is time to build authority.

This construction will take time and will demand dedication.

So here we go, here are some tips that will help you build authority. Check out:

Do Lives, Webinars – This is a good way to interact and build a relationship with future customers. In them you will be able to answer questions live, debate topics, move your social networks, thus generating more engagement and consequently increasing your authority.

Make free content available – Making free material available will increase your lead base by capturing emails to deliver free material, the ideal is to make a capture page offering more enriched content for free (e-book or infographic, they are examples of this type of content)

Providing free content will help you increase your authority online, keep in mind that the more value your content delivers, the more information you can ask for in return.

Invest in email marketing – Email marketing is a good way to nurture leads by keeping in direct contact with them. Your email marketing list is focused on people who already show interest in your brand, another advantage is that this type of strategy has a low cost.

Invest in SEO – SEO is a set of techniques that improve the positioning of a page in search engines. When you are at the top, you will attract more traffic, thus reinforcing your authority and increasing your sales.


Today in this content you learned how to build authority and become an authority affiliate. For this you must generate audience through relevant content and use the right strategies to become a reference.

Don't forget to do lives, provide free content. Also invest in SEO and email marketing.

Now you know how to build authority, pick a niche and get started! I hope you enjoyed this content, if you have questions leave them in the comments and until next time.

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