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6 Tips To Promote Your NFT Art

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These are all ways you can get more people to see your NFT art.

Minting and selling an NFT is all the rage these days. If you're a digital artist, creating an NFT and minting it on a popular marketplace like OpenSea is likely to be an attractive option.

However, it is important to understand that minting an NFT is not enough; you also need to learn how to promote your NFT collection. In this day and age where new NFT sets are regularly announced, it's important that you promote and build buzz for your set.

1. Promote on Instagram

Instagram is a platform for sharing photos and digital art, making it the perfect platform to promote your NFT collection. Some of the world's biggest artists use Instagram to generate buzz and draw more eyes to their upcoming releases.

More importantly, promoting on Instagram is also more convenient. You just need to find relevant hashtags and start uploading photos with them.

2. Use appropriate hashtags

Hashtags are not just for Instagram. They are used on almost all major social media platforms and are a great way to determine the latest hot topics and information.

There are several ways to identify and use the correct hashtags. For starters, you can keep an eye out for the biggest NFT creators and influencers within the space. There are many on Twitter and Instagram.

3. Join Discord servers

If you want to promote your NFT collection to people who are actively looking to invest in the next big thing, you can't leave Discord out of your strategy.

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There are a plethora of public servers you can join, both related to existing projects and dedicated solely to promoting new NFT collections. Most Discord users are generally quite willing to invest in upcoming NFTs, so your audience is likely to be more prepared here.

4. Hire an influencer to promote your artwork

If you want to spend a little money to promote your next NFT collection, it might be a good idea to hire an influencer. Influencers in the NFT space generally charge varying amounts as fees, depending primarily on your reach, following, and the type of promotion you choose.

For example, an entire video will likely cost you more than a mention in an Instagram post.

5. Promote NFT on Telegram channels

Telegram is an encrypted communications app that has been used by crypto enthusiasts since its launch. Needless to say, it's a fantastic platform to promote your new NFT projects, but there is a way to do it.

6. Use paid advertising

Ideally, you can do a lot with organic promotion methods. However, for larger NFT projects, a mix of paid and organic promotions is generally the preferred option.

Paid advertising involves posting ads on different social media channels and websites.

It's about creating value

The largest NFT projects are those with clearly defined roadmaps, comprehensive support, and a strong presence across multiple channels. Not only does this help build trust, it also builds value as investors understand how passionate creators are.

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