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37 Digital Marketing Influencers We Follow (And You Should Too!)

When we talk about communication, marketing and sales, changes and trends are very fast and keeping up with them can be a challenge.

One of the ways to stay on top of what is happening in the market is to check out the work developed by digital marketing influencers.

We know that today there are loads of this professional profile and, so that you can keep up with the best, we made this list.

Here you will find marketers who are excellent in their fields and influence thousands of other professionals by exchanging ideas and sharing important insights across their networks and communication channels.

Check out!

Digital Marketing Influencers

Check out the professionals focused on Digital Marketing:

Gary Vaynerchuk

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Gary Vaynerchuk is the founder of VaynerMedia and Vayner X (digital agencies with clients such as General Electric, Toyota and Unilever) and is among the pioneers among digital marketing gurus.

In addition, he is an entrepreneur, speaker, bestselling author, angel investor, and consultant for companies like Uber, Facebook, and Twitter.

Bozoma Saint John

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Bozoma Saint John , or “Boz”, has led marketing and branding teams at companies such as Uber, Endeavor, Apple Music and Netflix, where she made history by becoming the first black executive hired by the brand to occupy a C-level role.

It's worth checking out his TED talk on the creative power of intuition , or his conversation with Vernā Myers, VP of Inclusion Strategy at Netflix on authenticity in the workspace and the imposter syndrome.


Martha Gabriel

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Martha Gabriel is CEO of Martha Gabriel Consulting & Education, professor at PUC-SP, Insper and ESPM, as well as an international speaker and consultant for major brands.

She is the author of 5 books on the subject, including the best seller “Marketing in the Digital Age”.

Junior AD

Image description

Adilson dos Santos Júnior, known on social media as AD Júnior , is a digital marketing specialist, speaker and currently serves as Head of Marketing at Trace Brasil.

Trace is a media and entertainment company that connects with diverse audiences through music and Afro-urban content.

It is present in 27 pay TV channels, radio, online and mobile services available to 350 million people in more than 120 countries.

AD Junior is also the presenter of the show Trace Trends, which airs on GloboPlay and Multishow every week.

Seth Godin

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Author of 18 bestselling books, Seth Godin is a content creator who discusses different aspects of digital marketing.

The publications “ Linchpin: Are You Indispensable? ” and “ All Marketers Are Liars ” have already been published in more than 35 languages ​​and it is his concept of permission marketing, in which the user chooses whether or not to be impacted by the direct communication of the brand.

Philip Kotler

Image description

That name you've surely heard: Philip Kotler .

The American is considered one of the greatest experts in Marketing and concepts used until today, as the 4Ps of marketing are used until today.

Their books are: Marketing from A to Z, Marketing 4.0 and 10 Deadly Sins of Marketing.

Karen Santos

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Founder and CEO of Edtech UX for Minas Pretas, Karen Santos is dedicated to “changing the face of technology”, introducing black women to the UX (User Experience) market.

She has worked in large startups such as PicPay and QuintoAndar and was considered one of the most prominent professionals in the technology scene by Linkedin Top Voices 2022 and Forbes 30 Under 30.

Dener Lippert

Dener Lippert is founder and CEO of V4 Company, a digital marketing strategy company.

Speaker and author of the book “Cientista do Marketing”, he is very active on social media, where he shares insights into the method he works, based on traffic, engagement, conversion and retention.

Nathan Allen Pyrtle

Image description

Nathan Allen Pirtle is a globally recognized marketing expert, entrepreneur and speaker.

He has consulted for several Fortune 500 companies and has impacted millions of followers on his social networks.

He is also the founder and CEO of Work With The Coach , which represents artists and companies such as Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Gavin Rossdale, MTV, Apple Music and YouTube.

Camilo Coutinho

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Camilo Coutinho is a digital marketing professional specializing in video strategies.

He is currently a digital strategist specializing in videos and Youtube, founder of Double Play Media and creator of the Play de Prata channel.

He is a speaker, consultant, teacher and author of the book “Videos That Sell More”.

Erico Rocha (Launch formula)

Image description

Erico Rocha is a marketing professional and entrepreneur.

It is his one of the most popular digital marketing strategies today, the Launch Formula.

The promise is, through infoproducts, to reach billings of 6, 7 or even 8 digits in 7 consecutive days.

Barry Schwartz

Image description

Focused on SEO within the digital marketing universe, Barry Schwartz is one of the biggest names in this area.

If you want to keep up with changes in Google's search algorithm, keeping up with Schwartz is a must.

Ricardo Silvestre

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Ricardo Silvestre is founder and CEO of Black Influence, an anti-racist advertising agency specializing in connecting brands with black influencers.

The company, which saw its revenue triple during the pandemic, has already provided services to major brands such as Amazon Prime Video, Spotify

Bárbara, Débora and Julia Alcântara (Orna Effect)

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Sisters Bárbara, Débora and Julia Alcântara have been working with Digital Marketing and Content Creation since 2009.

With the experience they acquired over time, they created Efeito Orna, a school for entrepreneurs who want to boost their business through digital marketing.

They are also entrepreneurs and founders of the brands ORNA Bolsas, ORNA Formula and ORNA Café.

André Siqueira

Image description

Maybe you don't know André Siqueira yet, but you're definitely familiar with Resultados Digitais, right?

André is the big name behind the market solutions for marketing and sales RD Station and RD CRM.

Co-founder of the company, André stands out in networks and events in the area due to his extensive knowledge of the national market.

Traffic Generation and Paid Media Influencers

If you are looking for professionals specialized in traffic generation and paid media, check out the names below:

Larry Kim

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Considered one of the best digital marketing influencers with a focus on Facebook Ads and Google Ads, Larry Kim is the CEO and founder of companies like MobileMonkey and WordStream.

In addition to his communication channels, you can also find Larry Kim publications on Inc. Magazine, Search Engine Land and Social Media Examiner.

Pedro Sobral

Image description

Pedro Sobral is a Professor, traffic manager and creator of the largest Community of Traffic Managers in Brazil.

Through the courses available on its website, it trains and specializes professionals in the area.

Adriano Gianini

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Adriano Gianini is a Google Ads Specialist and Consultant.

It is one of the largest producers of content on Google Ads in Brazil, offers online courses on the subject and serves small and medium-sized companies that invest in the largest ad platform in the world.

Tiago Tessmann

Image description

Partner and founder of Convisão Extrema and Blueberry Marketing Digital, Tiago Tessmann also shares all his knowledge on Google and Facebook ads through networks and online courses.

Growth Hacking Influencers

Is it Growth Hacking you want to stay informed about?

We have some pointers in this area as well:

Raphael Lassance

Image description

Entrepreneur, speaker and professor of growth hacking, e-commerce and digital marketing, Raphael Lassance was also the creator and producer of the first GH course in Brazil.

He also founded the companies RL – Success as a Service, a strategic consultancy, and Growth Team, the first growth hacking agency in the country.

Gabriel Mineiro

Image description

Co-founder of Growth Leaders Academy and Merlin, Gabriel “Mineiro” commanded the Growth sector of Resultados Digitais for 5 years and skyrocketed the company's numbers (from 20 to 750 employees, from 200 to 15,000 customers).

He is also a mentor at G4 Educação, in the Growth course.

Igor Castanho

Igor Castanho is a journalist, economist and specialist in Marketing and Growth.

Recognized by the Brazilian Electronic Commerce Association (Abcomm) as one of the most influential professionals in the sector in 2020, he is currently Head of Growth at Olist.

Also a speaker in the areas of Digital Marketing, Copywriting and E-commerce, Igor is another Digital Marketing influencer worth following.

Content Marketing, Inbound and SEO Influencers

Also check out the best digital marketing influencers when it comes to content, inbound and SEO:

Vitor Peçanha

Vitor Peçanha is one of the founders of the largest content marketing company in the country, Rock Content.

In addition to serving clients such as Spotify, Oracle, LinkedIn, Salesforce, Nielsen and Serasa Experian, the company is also responsible for training thousands of professionals with the online courses it offers – some even have classes from Vitor himself.

Today he is also a mentor at G4 Educação.

Rand Fishkin

Co-founder and former CEO of SEO software development company MOZ, Rand Fishkin is also a co-founder of the Inbound.org marketing community with over 200,000 participants.

He gained prestige in the area not only for his knowledge in the area, but also for his easy teaching and explanation of the topics.

Neil Patel

One of the best-known names in Inbound, Content Marketing and SEO, Neil Patel is co-founder of CrazyEgg, QuickSprout, KISSMertrics and Hello Bar platforms.

He is one of the most accessed blogs on digital marketing and the title of one of the 100 best entrepreneurs in the United States, according to Barack Obama.

Rafael Albertoni

Founder of the Brazilian Society of Copywriting (SBCOPY), Rafael Albertoni is one of those responsible for the development of the profession and technique in the country.

Ross Simmonds

oss Simmonds is an entrepreneur and digital marketing strategist.

He is the founder of Foundation , a content agency focused on the B2B market.

Its newsletters bring very in-depth cases and market analysis, capable of generating several insights for your business!

Rafael Rez

Rafael Rez is a Specialist in Digital Marketing, Content Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

He is the founder of Nova Escola de Marketing and the digital marketing consultancy Web Estratégica, having served more than a thousand clients in his 20-year career.

He is also the author of the book “Content Marketing: The Currency of the 21st Century”.

Vinicius Gambeta

Vinicius Gambeta is co-founder of the companies 2trend Comunicação, Agência de Bolso, Toque Caixa and Phoca Estúdio.

He currently produces digital content about marketing and business, in addition to teaching courses in the area of ​​sales.

Paulo Cuenca

Content creator Paulo Cuenca shares on social networks and in online courses the knowledge he acquired over the years he led, with his wife, Danielle Noce, the channel that bore her name.

He was co-founder of WTFmaison, focused on producing content for various brands and freelancers and currently focuses on producing content for Instagram.

Joanna Wiebe

Another well-known personality in the copywriting universe is Joana Wibe .

She is a co-founder of CopyHackers, which trains professionals and connects companies with this type of work.

Social Media Influencers

Check out the best names to keep up with social media trends.

Camila Porto

Camila Porto is a digital entrepreneur and author of the book “Facebook Marketing: How to generate business on the largest social network in the world”.

He currently teaches online training on the subject.

Cristiano Santos

Cristiano Santos is a journalist and was Social Media Coordinator at Editora Globo for 10 years, focusing on research, metrics, monitoring, audience and content generation, competition analysis and creating performance reports and insights.

Today he is a specialist in LinkedIn, LinkedIn Top Voice and works as a consultant, speaker, in addition to offering training and online courses.

He is co-author of the e-book “To Understand Social Media”.

Liliane Ferrari

Journalist, publicist, speaker, management consultant and strategist for digital businesses, Liliane Ferrari is another one of our nominations.

It is part of Locaweb's list as one of the 100 experts who marked the history of the Brazilian internet in 2020.

The content and courses available are focused on Content Production for Social Networks.

Rafael Kiso

Rafael Kiso is founder and CMO at mLabs, a social media management platform with over 200,000 user brands.

He is also a founder and serves as a board member at Focusnetworks, a digital marketing consultancy.

Author of the bestselling book “Marketing in the Digital Age” in co-authorship with Martha Gabriel (which we mentioned at the beginning of this list) and of the book Unbound Marketing.

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