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24 MANDATORY Techniques To Succeed With Your Youtube Channel

There is no denying that Youtube is now a platform that reaches millions of people around the world and that makes it interesting to use it to attract audiences to your business.

I have separated techniques that will make you stand out from the crowd and achieve success with your videos, being well positioned in searches, you will realize that in the end the content has more than 45 techniques.

At the end leave your comments, this is very important.

How to Grow on Youtube

1 – Discover and maintain positioning

The desire of everyone who wants to be successful with videos is to appear on Youtube and Google, when someone does a search on the subject the video is dealing with.

But those who are starting with the creation of videos often have difficulty at this point, so it is interesting to analyze the competitors, videos that are dealing with the same subject.

Assuming that your video is about “How to buy a used car”, before recording, search this keyword on Youtube and see the videos that appear, analyze the positive and negative points of each one.

Do something better to differentiate yourself from the rest and remember, never copy the content!

2 – Identify the keyword for each video

Google uses the keywords that people type in searches to evaluate which videos, blogs and websites are the best , the relevance of each one and the positioning they will have in searches.

But for this to work you don't have to be guessing, you can use the Keyword Planner , just access the tool, type the term you want, for example, "How to record homemade videos", and check the amount of searches for this word- key.

The tool also shows other words based on the one you chose, giving you more options.

Also check competitor channels, create your video based on the video keyword, use the same title as famous videos, without copying the content.

When typing what you want on Youtube and/or Google, other options that may also be interesting for you appear.

3 – Pay close attention to titles

I can say that the title of your videos is what will make people access the content , they are (along with the images) what defines whether the visitor will or will not consume the content.

At this time it is very important that you know Copywriting .

Below are some examples of titles you can create

-How… (Ex: How to lose weight)

-How and “benefit” (Ex: How to lose weight and be happier)

-How to…” solve a problem” (Ex: How to lose weight and no longer be called “Fat”)

-Because….and how… (Why people have difficulty losing weight and how to solve it)

-5 tips for… (5 exercise tips to lose weight)

-9 shapes…. de… (9 ways to lose weight without having to go to the gym)

Always use the video keyword in the title, preferably at the beginning, but test.

4 – Keyword in the video file

A technique that works very well is to put the main keyword as the name of the video, realize that the keyword is the main point for your success in several aspects.

5 – Pay attention to the video description

The field for the description of the video is often left out and this is a big mistake, after all it is an excellent opportunity to appear in searches.

Google doesn't understand videos, understands text, so you should never fail to write good content in the description of videos.

-Make a video script or create bullet points;

-Add your contacts (Social Media, Email, Whatsapp Affiliate Programs, etc);

-Place the video url at the end of the description;

6 – Pay Attention to Tags

Tags are keywords that you put in videos based on what people type on Youtube when they are searching for content.

A tip is to find the Tags that competitors use and for that choose a video of your interest, preferably that appears at the beginning of the searches, right click on the page that the video appears and then click on source code, now hold CTRL + F and type “keywords”.

The Tags that were used in the video will appear and you can use them, this helps in ranking and there is a great possibility of appearing next to videos that use the same tags and are already well positioned.

Using a single tag is also an excellent option , for example, you could use something like “xyz_myvideo” and on every video you record you would put this tag, so all the videos that are on your channel appear together.

7 – Pay close attention to the thumbnail of the videos

The thumbnails of the videos are images that you can put to appear as the cover of the video, when you don't do that, Youtube makes excerpts of the video available to be used as an image.

The more eye-catching the image, the better, use the keyword in the file name, use attractive colors and preferably use your image, in addition to creating credibility, it increases the possibility of views.

8 – Pay close attention to the viewing time of your videos

It's been proven that short videos are more likely to be watched. And consequently more chance to improve your positioning on Youtube.

Videos of 5 to 8 minutes are ideal and this is easy to understand. After all, people don't have time to watch 1 or 2 hour videos and end up stopping halfway through.

Separate the videos into parts, step by step, this improves your channel content and increases views. Another issue is that Youtube counts how far your video has been viewed and videos watched to the end have more points.

9 – Make a web of videos

Extend your videos from 10 to 15 seconds at the end and use this time to place “calls to action”, links to other videos… Any product you want to promote as an affiliate, promotional images, etc.

This must be done in video editing.

10 – Use Similar Video Playlists

Youtube has a playlist creation feature . And you can use it to create a sequence of videos like a mini-course that is automatically presented.

The ideal is to present 5 videos per playlist. So the person watches the first and automatically appears the second, third, until the fifth video.

You can also promote sales content with 1 content video, 1 testimonial video and 1 offer video (lead magnet), with this you can attract interested parties to the email list.

11 – Correct embedding of videos

Embed the videos in all possible places and especially embed the code of the playlists you create, put them on the Blog, Emails, Facebook, etc…

Another interesting option is to offer the embed code on your Blog , upload the video to the Blog and leave the embed code below, informing that it can be used by the visitor.

12 – Use notes

Annotations are types of “tags” that you can put on your videos, they are used to give some extra information, indicate a product, direct to other videos or to the Blog, in addition to helping with the SEO of the videos.

Another interesting feature of annotations is the possibility of placing direct links to the url of your Blog , so it is possible to direct the audience to other products or to a Sales Funnel.

13 – Use subtitles

Youtube has the feature of automatic subtitles for videos, but you can also create your own subtitles and synchronize with your videos, this improves the experience of visitors.

14 - Partnerships

The internet is made of people and partnerships and like any other job, no one does anything alone and there comes a time when you need to find people with the same interests to create solid partnerships.

You can get in touch with important channels in your niche and offer content creation by doing a content exchange.

Another very interesting feature is the box exchange, you must have already seen famous channels where other channels are indicated, for this you must use the “other channels” module.

15 – Attention to the content and presentation of the video

The content of your videos should get straight to the point, videos that “roll” too much at first cause most people to stop watching. So it is very important that you know how to create content .

You should check the framing before you start recording , position yourself well in front of the camera, test the audio too, this is very important, make sure the sound is in order.

Lighting is one of the main points and if you don't have lighting equipment, choose to record videos in the morning.

Check the scenery, don't record videos with bad scenery , imagine you watching a video about how to succeed on Youtube and behind is a trash can or a bathroom with the door open, it doesn't look good.

16 – Attention to the script

The ideal script is one that directs the person who is watching to some action and especially that holds their attention.

You should create a small opening but with a “hook” so that the video continues to be watched, something like, “Now keep watching the video and I will show you how…..”

You're probably promising something from the title of the video. So deliver what you're promising.

Use phrases like, why…, what…, how… and if…

Don't forget to use a call to action at the beginning and end of your videos.

17 - Video Quality

I always comment on the Blog, Videos and trainings about the quality of the content. And of course this is very important, regardless of the tool you are using.

I can't help but comment that excellent content, but with a bad presentation, is also left out by visitors. That's why it's important that you create quality productions.

Use quality tools, even if they are free. Prepare the place the best you can, make videos where the environment shows books or a beautiful scenery, research on Chroma key techniques, they are excellent for setting up different scenarios.

18 - Schedule and consistency

Another mistake of beginners and many veterans on Youtube is not being constant in sending videos to the channel. When people subscribe to your video channel they expect videos to be uploaded with a certain frequency.

Ideally, you should record at least 1-2 videos a week, and always on the same days, every Monday and Wednesday, Tuesday and Thursday, etc.

This is especially important for channels that teach viewers something.

Leave a script ready, anticipate it, even if you have to change something later, you 'll already know where to start. Imagine that your Youtube channel is a television channel and you are constant in presentations.

19 - Sustainability

Your channel will not become famous overnight, you need to follow the steps that have already been indicated and, above all, understand your audience.

Never forget that videos are for people and not yours. So stay ahead by doing a study on your audience. Youtube Analytics can give you a lot of information about your followers' habits.

20 – Post Videos in Multiple Locations

Youtube videos can be “shown” in various locations. For example on Facebook, whenever you post a video share it on Social Media.

Advertise on Facebook and Youtube. This greatly increases your audience and engagement with people.

Post your videos in other places like Vimeo, UOL Videos and other channels.

Sales Videos

A sales video must follow some techniques to generate results

21 – Call to action at the beginning of the video

Always leave a sign for your product… Already comment on your product, any benefit.

Call to action at the end of the videos

End the video by indicating for the visitor to click somewhere defined by you to download an e-book, watch another video, a Blog article, etc.

22 – Links and annotations, pages, description, etc.

Youtube has several ways to get your audience to take action… Use cards, links, description, comments, annotations, etc. Make good use of resources.

23 – Add testimonial videos

Testimonials from other people who have already bought from you is very important to build trust in people, collect testimonials.

24 – Interview with clients and students

Conduct interviews with clients and students to reach your audience. People like to meet other people who have used a product or taken a course.

This shows that there are real people interacting with the producer. And that they are happy with what they bought.

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