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10 Validated SEO Tools To Optimize And Boost Your Website

If you have a website, you need to know the best SEO tools to optimize your website and its results on Google, Bing and other search engines and increase traffic volume.

Currently, there are several on the market with multiple functions to help you develop your digital marketing strategies.

In the article, we brought you the top 10 SEO tools to improve your blog that you need to know. Good reading…

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How important is it to improve your website's SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of strategies for Google to be able to crawl your content and better position your page, thus enabling a better reach.

Basically, the user can only find your content if you do a good job of optimizing search engines.

According to HubSpot, 60% of organic clicks are focused on the top three organic search results.

Therefore, the great importance of seeking to improve SEO is to obtain a good positioning in searches to increase the volume of people who access the page and can become potential customers.

10 best SEO tools

SEO tools are essential to develop strategies that improve Google rankings.

They provide the main thing: data . With the data, we can know what needs to improve to obtain the best results and thus outline the necessary actions.

Next, we separate the main SEO tools to rank your blog! Check out:

1 - Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a platform for tracking the performance of your website.

It shows everything that happens on your pages through metrics, graphs and the provision of various other information.

It's one of the top SEO tools and it's still free and easy to use !

Among some of the data you access in Google Analytics , it is possible to know the customer's profile (likes, age, location, gender, among others) in order to create more targeted content and increase your traffic.

In addition, you can visualize which are the most and least relevant content within your site and implement improvements to achieve a good positioning on the first page.

Anyway, there is a lot of information that the platform shows and you can use to increase your results with Google.

How to use Google Analytics?

The first step is to create your free account. Next, you will install Analytics on your website by copying and pasting the javascript code that appears after creating the account. If your site is WordPress, install the Google Analyticator plugin and include the Tracking Code (UA) in the configuration.

Once this is done, all you have to do is wait for the platform to collect data from the site — it can take up to 24 hours — and take advantage of the tool.

2 - Google Search Console

Google Search Console is one of the best SEO tools for anyone looking to improve their search rankings! This platform is used to identify possible optimization problems on your website, in addition to diagnosing errors on the pages.

In this tool, it is still possible to check which are the searches that most direct users to your site. That way, you can know if you're ranked with the right keywords , for example.

Another interesting feature of Google Search Console is the possibility to test the usability of your pages on mobile devices — which is the main source of access for users. In this case, you access custom reports to analyze mobile performance.

In addition, some of the metrics you see are:

  • Total clicks;
  • Total printing;
  • Volume of clicks and impressions per page;
  • average CTR;
  • Links to your website;
  • Internal links;
  • Average position on Google;

This last metric is one of the main ones to be able to track the results of your content. The better the ranking, the better!

How to use Google Search Console?

To use Google Search Console, you need to have a Google Analytics account! So, if you haven't created it yet, come back to the last part that we explain better.

The only action you need to take is to share the data from one platform to another. In that case, just:

  • Access your Analytics account;
  • Click on Administrator;
  • Then in “Property Settings”;
  • Go to “Search Console Settings”;

Make sure your site's URL appears. If not, add your site's URL to Search Console.

3 - Google Keyword Planner

As you can see, Google itself provides several SEO tools for your site to get the best sites.

In this case, it provides an excellent platform for finding top search terms: the keyword planner.

Selecting the right keywords is a key step in SEO optimization . It is through them that the user can find your content, so it is a part that needs a lot of attention both in choice and in use.

And Google's keyword planner serves precisely to show you the best terms for you to work on your blog and increase your website's organic traffic .

In fact, the main purpose of this tool is to give you keyword ideas to use in Google Ads ads . However, you can also use it to find frequent search terms and create content for your blog.

How to use Google Keyword Planner?

To use, it's very simple. First, you need to have a Google Ads account.

Next, you need to click on “Tools”, then on “Keyword Planner” and click on “Discover New Keywords.” Then, you enter a term related to your business and the tool will suggest other related terms.

In addition to ideas, it shows important data such as average monthly searches and competition.

4 - SEMRush

SEMRush is one of the most popular SEO tools on the market. Among its many advantages, we can mention the multiplicity of functions that allow the development of excellent marketing strategies.

Regarding SEO, you can access millions of keywords, analyze the backlink profile of other sites, monitor your position on Google, among other functions.

In addition, it is an excellent platform for content marketing, as you can find topics related to your niche, you can improve your materials in real time and even receive an analysis of what you could improve in your content to obtain a better ranking.

To top it off, the tool also makes it possible to discover your competitor's strategies. It analyzes website traffic and shows you several insights for you to implement on yours!

Anyway, with more than 50 Semrush functions and reports, we can say that this is one of the most complete SEO tools on the market.

Unfortunately, it is a paid platform. However, there are different packages that can fit in your pocket!

5 - Ubersuggest

There's no way to talk about SEO tools without mentioning the Ubersuggest platform .

This is one of the most popular platforms on the subject because it is more accessible and contains several interesting features for those who want to rank better on Google.

The most classic, of course, is the keyword planner. You type in some related term and it shows a list of keyword suggestions ready to use in your content. Also, it shows volume, CPC and difficulty level.

To top it off, it even shows a list of content ideas that you can publish on your website.

You can also create a project to track and improve your SEO traffic. You add your site, follow updates, receive error alerts, among other advantages.

Also, you can analyze your competition and get the best insights on the subject.

6 - Keyword Tool

The Keyword Tool is another useful SEO tool for planning your website content keywords.

On this platform, you have the paid and free version.

In the free version, the tool provides dozens of keyword suggestions with the possibility of filtering by “questions” and “prepositions”.

In the paid version, you can see data such as search volume, CPC and competition. In addition, you also access other functions — competitor analysis is one of them!

7 - Answer the public

A good part of Google searches in the form of questions, such as “where to find a digital marketing agency in São Paulo” or “how to make pasta bolognese”. Therefore, it is essential to consider your audience's frequently asked questions when planning content for the blog and structuring your articles.

The Answer The Public tool is one of the most popular with this feature. Basically, you type the term and it shows the main related questions, as well as phrases that users tend to search for when searching on the subject.

Using the tool, you can target content exactly to what your audience wants.

8 - Search

Seorch is a little-known SEO platform, but quite efficient and complete — mainly because it's one of the few that are 100% free.

This tool has several interesting functions, such as:

Google Rank Verification;

Question generator — proposal similar to Answer the Public.

Keyword Planner;

Google SERP snippet tool — serves to simulate titles and descriptions in order to become a snippet in the search engine.

Compare sites.

To use the keyword planner, just enter the term and Search will show you dozens of related terms. Although it does not show data about the terms, it serves as a reference when producing your content.

9 - Google Pagespeed

If you want to improve your site's results, know that keyword choice shouldn't be your only concern. The loading time of your pages is one of the factors that greatly influences ranking.

Your content may be excellent and with great SEO optimization, but if your page takes 30 seconds longer to load, it's no use. Average session duration and bounce rate will be two metrics that will always be low.

According to a survey by E-commerce Professional , the trend is 64% of users leave the page and look for another site that is faster when a page takes a long time to load.

That's why it's so important to pay attention to this point.

In this sense, Google Pagespeed is a very interesting tool from Google. It serves to analyze the performance of the site in relation to speed.

It shows a performance index based on a series of evaluation criteria. In addition to showing this indicator, it also provides suggestions for improvements to speed up your loading!

10 - Meet Link Explorer

When we talk about SEO, another essential part is the link building strategy — when links on other sites are pointing to yours, showing the relevance of the content to search engines!

To develop a good linking strategy, the Moz tool is used to analyze the pages and show the anchor texts of those sites. In addition, it shows the keywords highlighted on the page.

It's very simple to use: just install the MozBar plugin in your browser and show the authority of the pages whenever you perform a search in Chrome.

*Extra tip: keyword everywhere extension

Speaking of plugin, the keyword everywhere extension is an excellent SEO tool for you to use and improve your results in organic traffic.

It is a free keyword research extension and is very practical to use:

  • You install the plugin in your browser;
  • Search for the desired term;
  • The results appear to the side!

In addition to the suggested terms, you still find the difficulty of ranking and search volume with the word.

Count on PWR Digital Marketing to help you!

SEO platforms are great for they can help improve your website rankings, but they are just tools. You need to know how to use them in the best way to get good results.

However, with that, PWR Digital Marketing is an expert and will help you.

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