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10 SEO Tools To Boost Your Web Positioning

Positioning your website on the first page of search engines can seem like a titanic and overwhelming task, because in addition to competing against thousands of websites in your niche or sector, you also have to deal with the technical demands of search engine algorithms, mainly Google. But do not despair, since it is possible to enter the ranking and improve your web positioning with the help of seo tools.

Using SEO resources is essential to understand what happens in the bowels of your website and guide you in creating effective content. Below, we show you some free and paid tools to position yourself effectively on the first page of Google and other search engines.



Keywords are the backbone of your blog. Therefore, you must have an efficient tool at hand that will assist you at all times in the search for strategic words. In this sense, Keywords everywhere meets all expectations.

It is a free browser add-on that shows the characteristics of keywords in search engines such as Google, Bing and YouTube. Compatible with Chrome and Firefox, this resource provides an overview of the number of times a keyword has been used, cost per click and search volume.

In addition to analyzing the keywords in the search engines, you can also study the keywords within the websites by simply selecting the phrase and clicking the right mouse button. On the other hand, it allows you to verify the metrics of any list of keywords, as well as download the data in CSV, Excel and PDF files.
This is undoubtedly one of the most useful SEO tools to optimize web content strategies.


A freemium resource that has gained notoriety in 2018. It is intended to help SEO content creators find the best long-tail keywords from Google, Bing, YouTube, Amazon, eBay, and the AppStore. It works through a system of automatic suggestions of the most relevant topics in each country.

The paid version includes greater access to keyword insights like competition, search volume, and CPC. In any version you can download the metrics in CSV and Excel formats.

Keyword Too l stands out for offering a wide suggestion of long-tail words and for helping to refine SEO strategies by identifying different audiences. With this tool you will never run out of new (and good) ideas.


It is one of the industry's favorite SEO tools . The service is free, but it is created to refine paid campaign strategies. The keyword planner will allow you to find the most searched phrases in the niche, as well as monitor their audience level over time.

Although this resource can only be used by Adwords clients, it scores points for the quality of the keywords it suggests and the specifications of the insights. Very few tools can collectively offer real-time popularity, click-throughs, competition, and cost information.


Coming into web auditing issues, this is the number 1 plugin for site diagnostics. Compatible with WordPress, Yoast is available in a premium and free version, the paid version being the most complete and recommended for its comprehensive analysis of on-page SEO, the free version is fully functional and very useful, enough for most users.

Yoast premium (paid version) allows you to optimize up to 5 keywords at a time, analyze the architecture of the site, correct technical errors, check the visibility of pages shared on social networks, diagnose link effectiveness, blog readability and avoid duplicate content.


One of the SEO tools that has gained popularity among foreign SEO experts in 2018. With this paid resource you can obtain your competition's statistics, review global and local metrics, study the insights of your site, obtain data from your mobile apps , identify trends and potential customers, as well as analyze your keywords.

SimilarWeb also has a free version, although it has many usage limitations, so this version is not recommended for long-term projects. However, it could be very useful if you want an overview of your current performance on the web.

Due to its characteristics, this resource is especially useful for optimizing the on-page and off-page SEO of startups and leading businesses.


A free tool that cannot be missing from your toolkit, especially if you have only been in the SEO world for a short time. It stands out for its easy-to-read design and for offering the user a wide range of metrics that will help you draw better strategies, as well as understand your audience.

You will have access to a panel to search for keywords, study the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns, obtain information about the most popular pages, hours, specifications of your visitors and more.
Google Analytics works through a tracking code that you must integrate into your site, in this way the software can monitor the evolution of your traffic and its behavior. If you want to start working on the positioning of your website, this resource is essential.


A premium suite of SEO tools , popular for its ability to reveal detailed competitor metrics and provide valuable insights into your off-site status. Ahrefs shows in real time the global and local positioning of your pages. It also takes into account your place in the mobile ranking.

This software also performs advanced content searches. It will help you optimize your next blog posts with lists of topics, trends, favorite searches on topics in your niche, their relevance in social networks and the most important reference websites in the sector.


One of the most authoritative on-site SEO tools on the market. This expert-recommended software thoroughly assesses the status of your website to counter threats, avoid penalties and errors that may affect site visibility and search engine rankings.

As a control panel, Screaming frog SEO Spider is managed from the desktop for real-time monitoring of changes in the structure of your website. You can track errors and changes to links, images, metadata, titles, meta robots, directives, CCS, and script. In addition, it organizes the information so that you can carry out an adequate analysis, being able to export all the data.


It is a powerful freemium resource for auditing links, on-page content and audience data. It has load speed analysis, article readability audit and keyword usage. It also identifies penalties and eliminates the errors that cause them.

Similarly, monitor the impressions of your blog posts and the times they were shared on social networks or the times the links were posted on different websites. Another feature of Url Profiler to highlight is its reports on the structure, content and layout of links on sites relevant to your sector, an essential analysis when you want to work on the link building of your pages.

10. XOVI:

We have left for last, without a doubt, the most powerful SEO Tool of all those described in this selection. XOVI is a super complete paid tool that has a multitude of features to cover all aspects of SEO. It has different price plans, the most basic being enough for any blogger or person who wants to control the positioning of their website.

This tool has different modules. The first is keywords , with which you can do keyword research, analyze the most searched terms on your website or your competitors, and measure the evolution of your website's visibility over time.
The monitoring module allows you to check the positions in the search engine that you select for all the terms that you are interested in controlling both on mobile and desktop.

The Onpage module allows you to do a complete audit of your page at the content, SEO and technical level that will allow you to optimize it in the best possible way.

The backlinks module allows you to monitor and analyze the links on your website or spy on those of your competition. It also has a disavow section to check the quality of your incoming links and disable them if necessary, thus avoiding penalties.

In addition to all those that I have just mentioned, XOVI has other sections to connect with your Analytics and Search Console account to check the analytics of your website; another section to do SEM tracking of your Google Adwords ads ; a section to monitor the social signals of your profiles on the main social networks; and finally a powerful reporting section to organize and track your results.

As I said before, it is an all-in-one SEO tool , if you want to make a small monthly investment, XOVI will certainly not disappoint you.

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