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7 types of digital advertising that will make you stand out from the crowd

If you have just launched your own business or simply want to give your brand a new boost, this note is for you. We tell you everything you need to know about the various types of digital advertising and which one is right for your business.

Surely you already know that the ways of communicating advertisements change according to the context in which they act and the cultural customs of the society in which they are inserted.

New movements such as ecology, the migration of almost all activities to the digital space, and the use of electronic devices of various sizes in everyday life gave rise to new types of digital advertising. 📲 Still don't know them? Stay until the end and find out how to boost your brand on the internet.

what is digital advertising?

👉 If you're not on the Internet, you don't exist. But in addition to working on the digital presence of your business, if what you really want to achieve is an increase in your sales or generate a great impact on your potential customers , you must promote your content.

In other words, to achieve greater reach and achieve specific business goals, it is essential that you run advertisements on the Internet. 97% of businesses use the digital space as the main means of contact with their customers. How would you succeed in the market if you are not in the right places?

Digital advertising is any type of advertising campaign or advertisement that uses the Internet as the main communication channel . As you can imagine, their formats are very varied and the strategies you must use to make the most of them are also very varied. A lot of information? Don't worry! Here we tell you everything.

Before choosing between the different types of digital advertising that exist, it is very important that you are clear about the specific objective you are pursuing. In addition, you will need to know in depth where your buyer persona is located (on which platform) to direct your ads to that platform. Finally, don't forget to think about how to communicate the message you want to convey.

Thanks to the benefits of digital advertising, you can carry out a series of very diverse actions that target different moments of your potential client's sales funnel:

Brand Awareness or Brand Recognition: you can create advertisements that invite conversations around your brand and your services, connect with your audience and tell the story behind your products.

Increase traffic to your website or your social media profile: this strategy is well known for linking different types of digital advertising through interlinking actions on the brand's channels.

Product Promotion : Stimulating direct purchase is another way to take full advantage of the qualities of digital advertising. Who doesn't want to increase their sales?

Work on customer satisfaction : hand in hand with the different types of digital advertising, there are many ways to make your customer more than happy with their purchase and return to your business again.

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Digital advertising vs traditional advertising

To understand the types of digital advertising a little better, let's compare this way of advertising with traditional advertising formats.

☛ Traditional advertising uses the written press (newspapers and magazines), brochures, television, radio and advertisements on public roads as communication channels . For its part, digital advertising covers all the spaces offered by digital tools: social networks, search engines, messaging applications, among others.

☛ While traditional advertising has two general formats : written and audiovisual, digital advertising is multi-format. We can find from static images to interactive videos that need the user's counterpart to transmit the message.

These are just some of the differences between traditional and digital advertising, let's see the advantages that the second way of advertising has to offer and why it is so important to have a digital marketing strategy for your business.

Advantages of digital advertising

Among the main advantages offered by the various types of digital advertising is the possibility of measuring and quantifying the results of the ads in a faster and easier way than traditional advertising. This type of advertising is supported by various digital tools that allow detailed monitoring of its performance.

In addition, this advertising format is much less expensive than the traditional one. No matter what types of digital advertising you use in your strategy, they will surely be cheaper than an ad on cable television. In some cases, only the publications that have had an impact as expected are charged to your card . Isn't that great?

Another of its advantages is that digital advertising processes are much more automated and simple to manage. Once you have the content you want to promote ready, you only have to put it into circulation in a few steps according to the platform you choose.

Among the advantages of these types of digital advertising is the great reach that their publications achieve . You no longer depend on your potential customer passing in front of your business to buy, digital ads go to the customer and not the other way around.

On the other hand, digital advertising has a profound power of audience segmentation. Thanks to Big Data, publishing tools know how your potential customers act and what is the right time to show your ad.

The best advantage of advertising online? See in real time how your ads are performing and modify strategies on the fly. If you're just starting out with your business and something doesn't go the way you planned, don't get frustrated! Thanks to the benefits of the different types of digital advertising, you can renew everything with just one click. 👌

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Exploit your brand image with these 7 types of digital advertising

It's time to see what are the most popular types of digital advertising of this time! Remember that as amazing as these ad formats are, you don't need to apply all of them within your marketing strategy . Evaluate the specific needs of your business and the budget available to invest in digital advertising.

Email Marketing

Sending mass emails, directed to a specially segmented database with audiences interested in your products or services, is one of the most used types of digital advertising at the moment.

If you still do not know the multiple benefits that email marketing has to offer, we recommend that you explore this tool in depth and create your own strategy in simple steps. Remember that if your business is very small (for now) not all platforms are paid and you can do tests to choose the one you like best.

Banner, Pop Up and Display

This option stands out among the types of digital advertising since it was one of the first ways to circulate advertisements on the Internet. Basically a text box, video or static image is placed in a specific place within a website, its objective is to invite you to explore the site or purchase a certain product.

They are generally recommended for brands that already have a large presence in the market and do not need much more effort to attract customers. They work as a reminder for the client. For their part, those ads that appear in a pop-up window are known as Pop Up.

Social Media Ads

If you are just beginning your journey through the digital world, you should definitely have ads on Social Networks within your marketing plan. There are many types of ads on networks , they vary according to the objectives you seek to meet, the social network in which your buyer persona is located and what digital content you have to promote.

Check out these basic guides to create these types of digital advertising:

  • facebook ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Twitter Ads

Ads on Google Adwords

Another of the best known options when talking about types of digital advertising is Google Ads . It has various configuration systems that will allow you to appear at the top of Internet searches.

Learning to use this tool can take a while, but its benefits are very positive. If your main goals are to increase traffic to your site and increase conversion rate, Google Ads is just what you need.

video ads

This is a new trend within the types of digital advertising that we handle so far. If you consider that your target audience spends a lot of time on YouTube or Facebook Videos, don't hesitate to advertise your services in video format.

As you already know, video is the most effective digital content thanks to its ability to convey ideas and emotions. It generates one of the highest CTR of digital advertising and also has a great power to go viral. You do not know how? Check this note .

Google Shopping

This tool offers a price comparison with products similar to those the customer is looking for and of course, you can advertise to appear in the first places and stand out from your competition.

Activating this option is ideal for stores with active and well-developed ecommerce .


This strategy consists of showing the advertisements to people who have already shown interest in your products or services , as well as those loyal customers of the business.

Among the types of digital advertising, this is the one with the highest ROI . You must be very careful not to fall into aggressive advertising and cause discontent in your potential customers.
Reminder: don't lose your mind advertising on all platforms at the same time, investigate which one is the most convenient for your business. It will be useless for you to invest all your financial resources and hours of work in a communication channel that your buyer persona does not inhabit.

Also, don't hesitate to take advantage of the types of digital advertising they offer. If you advertised in a format and channel that did not work for you: change your strategy instantly.

You already know everything you need about digital advertising: get to work!

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