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Making Video Marketing Skyrocket

Digital Marketing, Off-spring the massive digital revolution that has taken place. One aspect of digital marketing is becoming increasingly important: video marketing. Have you ever thought that videos are so useful? Listen to the trends.

This trend shows that innovations are constantly taking place in marketing structures. From explanatory videos to animated ads, from infographics to entertainment videos, the video marketing area is the most eventful corner in the already action-packed web world.

Is video marketing really that important? That's it! As a visual medium, it is bound to constant innovations and trends. It is a constantly changing forum that presents itself to us again and again in a new form.

Here is a list of the latest video marketing trends that have clearly taken by storm.

Live Videography: Live videography is one of the hottest videography trends of recent times. Very useful for events, product launches and numerous other means, live videos are a great tool for video marketing. The biggest advantage of live videos is that they dramatically improve user engagement. Live videos are also very realistic, as it has been observed that live broadcasts cannot and will not be tuned in a way that is desirable for a brand's self-image. A good example of live video marketing is Buzzfeed.

360 Degree Videos: 360 degree videos are the most realistic touch for the concept of video marketing. They not only provide a better visual representation, but also make the content more understandable for people. They are often highly contagious and attract a lot of traffic. Thomson Holidays uses 360-degree videos to showcase destinations.

Video and e-learning: Explanatory videos flourish at their fastest pace. Online learning platforms are switching to videos and have left their PPT presentations far behind. Explanatory videos express the purpose of your company in an easy-to-understand way. This will help you reach a number of customers and consumers. Hubspot, Moz are well-known brands that use videos for online learning.

Co-creation with consumers: People today find it fun and easier (thanks to smartphones) to make videos because they love to consume them. Brands are now inventing challenges on social media, requiring people to post videos of themselves sticking to the topic of the challenge. Such a strategy is a very appealing way to promote your brand. Kitkat is known for an innovative challenge they recently invented.

VR: Virtual reality is a catchy trend. Not as popular with brands (as with gamers), VR is an unused tool in video marketing with great potential. VR improves the experience of video consumption by the audience and makes it interactive, engaging and highly effective. McDonald's and Uber have introduced free VR sets to their customers.

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